As AI keynote speakers and future of work consultants, we’ve been asked to explore a number of topics relating to automation, machine learning, and business as of late. A few sample topics that clients have requested we consider are below:

How to Use AI to Build Your Business – ChatGPT and artificial intelligence are all anyone is talking about these days – but how can you use it in practical ways to grow your company? From content marketing to research, software coding, market research, and website development, we were asked what the technology can do and how to leverage it to create winning business results.

What Will the Future of Work Look Like? – On-demand or shared office space and business technology or services, training programs conducted entirely using virtual headsets and online spaces, business HQs that exist primarily to facilitate meetings/teamwork/collaboration, physical retail locations that serve as virtual showrooms for on-demand ordering of customized goods, sales and customer service teams composed of artificially intelligent chatbots… tomorrow’s workplace will look very different from today’s. We were invited to take speaking audiences through some of the possibilities.

Staying Profitable: Where You Can Comfortably Cut Costs – Given the current economic environment, business owners are laser focused on the bottom line. Thankfully, there are tons of things you can now affordable outsource thanks to plug and play, pay as you go services and online freelance/gig sites. Think graphic design, website development, just in time shipping and delivery, online store solutions, etc. We were tasked with taking clients through some of the many things they can now cost-effectively handle and save on without impacting core business activities.

How to Build a More Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive Workplace – The overwhelming majority of workers want to work for a company that prizes diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), with virtually all businesses committed to advancing DEI in the workplace. Creating happier, more inclusive, and equitable companies is an ongoing challenge for most businesses, though. Embracing the future of work therefore requires executive leaders to rethink the fundamental way that businesses operate from three dimensions: Workplace, workforce, and working model. We were tasked with training executive leaders on how to create a workplace that employees will adore.

Competing in the Age of Customer Experience – Customer expectations have never been higher. At the same time, businesses have many opportunities to differentiate and stand out by using clever ways to deliver increasingly personalized and compelling experiences. Our team was given the assignment of showing senior management how to use clever, real-world and technology-based approaches to compete in an age where standing out and wowing customers is becoming essential.