In an age of rising economic uncertainty, supply chain disruption, inflation, and labor-related challenges, finding the capital to consistently fund growth and innovation requires enterprises to adopt a more sustainable approach to financing. As agility has become critical to building competitive advantage, firms that make a point to active invest in the future, and hold stronger cash positions, enjoy more opportunities to pivot as needed and/or pounce on emerging trends. Going forward, it may well pay to consider how new equipment financing solutions and the ways they can minimize the impact of capital-intensive purchases while safeguarding businesses’ cash flow and balance sheet, leaving organizations the critical room that they need to pursue growth-related activities and financially maneuver in other areas of business. Also worth considering: The idea of asset-based lending solutions and how they can help offset financial and market uncertainties, as well as how businesses can take advantage of these innovative financial frameworks to create growth and a competitive advantage.   


Questions to Ask Yourself Here:


  1. Why is working access to capital critical for business leaders in uncertain times like these?

  2. How important has it become to have access to faster, more flexible finance solutions?

  3. Investing in the future is no small task, especially with many firms having to replace outdated equipment and infrastructure elements – how can they do so more effectively?

  4. In a world of rising economic and supply chain disruption, how are new and novel financing solutions helping provide enterprises with the flexibility and resilience they need to adapt?

  5. What kinds of growth can these solutions enable? How?

  6. What are a few examples of ways in which clients in different spaces are using this expanded access to capital to innovate, expand their holdings, and set the stage for future growth?

  7. Many businesses tend to pull back in challenging economic times – how do the most successful firms use them as growth opportunities to lay the groundwork for future wins instead?

  8. What advice would you give executives when it comes to making the most of their finances given rising market unpredictability going forward?

  9. While we can’t be certain what tomorrow will bring, there are actions within our power to control – what actions should companies be taking to shore up their finances and pave the way for coming growth and expansion now?