What does it take to get ahead in today’s business world, regardless of the past few years’ disruptions such as COVID-19, economic turbulence, and geopolitical uncertainty?

As it turns out, getting ahead in an age of COVID-19 and various other concerns is about being more resourceful, not having more resources, just as flexibility is the essence of future-proofing and teamwork is the way forward. After all, the more contacts you can call upon, the more opportunities you can create; the more capabilities you can draw upon, the more room to maneuver you give yourself; and the more bright minds you can bring to bear against a challenge, the more rapidly you can solve it. The key for those facing uncertainty is to stay on top of emerging trends and stay connected so that they have all the tools they need to share helpful insights and assistance, and work together more effectively to create winning solutions. No matter what challenges that you’re facing in business, it’s important to remember that no one has to go it alone. Many challenges we face are common, and many obstacles can be overcome through shared effort. Teamwork is central to organizations like BIZDEV: The International Association for Business Development and Strategic Partnerships, and we’re proud to welcome new community members (and the knowledge, insights, and input they bring) with each passing day. Together we grow.

What’s one helpful piece of business advice you’d give folks struggling to adapt to all the changes we’re seeing as of late?

To remember that innovation isn’t rocket science. Simple shifts in business or operating strategy can often be as powerful at driving market wins as new technologies or groundbreaking scientific discoveries. Ask yourself: How can you use existing resources and capabilities in new and novel ways? In what ways can you repackage or reintroduce current solutions to better speak to new or existing audiences? Slight tactical adjustments can often produce huge wins here – as can finding ways to effectively team up with other businesses to tackle challenges, or help get the word out and build awareness. Remember: You don’t always have to overthink a challenge, or lift the entire load by yourself – and you may have more friends with shared interests that can help you rise to greet any given challenge than you think.

In short – whatever challenges or uncertainties that you find yourself confronted with as a business leader, there are always ways to navigate through them when you put your mind to it.