People are an organization’s most important asset, and learning to not only recruit and retain, but also upskill and train top talent will be increasingly crucial to survival going forward. So how can you promote these topics in your organization – and embrace diversity and inclusion, among the most important drivers of success in the modern business world? You can find out more below, as we reveal the results of our latest research and findings into the changing shape of HR trends and hiring practices. To find out more, be sure to check back frequently, as we take a look at the latest workplace innovations and workforce trends happening in business today. (As you might imagine, they continue to change quite often.)

Topic: Embracing Diversity: How to Be a More Inclusive Leader

Scenario: Business leaders now operate in a world where diversity isn’t just of paramount importance – as I write about in my book Lead with Your Heart, it’s also a major driver of competitive advantage. They need to know how to foster it in their organization.

Insight: In addition to creating a culture that prizes shared collaboration, ideas, and insight, and puts a premium on employee empowerment and teamwork, it’s vital to surround yourself not with people like yourself, but rather those who possess different perspectives, experiences, and ways of thinking. The most effective leaders look to partner at every turn with those who complement their skill sets, not copy them, and can help them expand their horizons.

Topic: How to Recruit and Retain Talent Remotely

Scenario: Businesses still need to hire talent – especially senior talent – from a distance. But these workers now have concerns beyond salary and benefits – here’s how to address them.

Insight: In addition to making sure hires know they’ll enjoy financial stability you’ve got to build trust, create flexible work setups, put a premium on safety and ensure that candidates understand there’s an adaptable plan for the business in place in case unexpected events strike. Likewise, talent will be increasingly interested in opportunities to learn new skills, pick up added experiences, etc. because they know anything can now happen at any time.