Topic: 10 Innovative New Ways Technology Can Help You Build a Stronger Business

Scenario: Countless businesses are going digital or expanding their online presence in the wake of growing economic uncertainty. New technology tools, online services, and downloadable apps are appearing in increasing numbers that can help your business (and its day to day operations) become more flexible, nimble, and resilient.

Insight: Among many new popular technologies that are growing in prominence are eCommerce tools that make it possible to quickly setup and deploy online stores; fintech payment services that render it simpler than ever to take credit cards or other forms of online payment; software solutions that can help you better manage your inventory and on-demand order fulfillment; social media monitoring trackers and content distribution solutions that make it simpler to deploy and track the effectiveness of online solutions; cash flow management apps and other high-tech offerings that can help you more easily pay bills, track budgets, and maintain profitability; etc

Topic: Big Data Isn’t the Answer – Small Data Is

Scenario: Businesses are collecting more information on customers and their behaviors or interactions than ever before. But even as they’re sitting on a growing mountain of data, they’re also struggling to translate it into meaningful results. To succeed here, you’ve got to focus on finding the handful of meaningful insights contained in this massive pile of info.

Insight: Learning to gather and sort data is important. But so is learning to drill it down to key performance indicators (KPIs) and be able to surface them at a glance so you can take these analytics and use them to develop an actionable business strategy. That means having to train workers to be more data literate, use data visualization tools to make these insights more visible, and knowing where to focus your efforts to drive bottom line results.