Meeting planners ask who the top speaking bureaus in the world are. It makes sense, given that various talent agency booking firm companies each offer singular strengths and one of a kind rosters. We asked keynote speakers who the top speaking bureaus in the world were – let’s review thought leaders’ comments.

United States:

  1. Washington Speakers Bureau (WSB)
  2. Harry Walker Agency
  3. Keppler Speakers
  4. All American Speakers Bureau
  5. Leading Authorities, Inc.
  6. BigSpeak
  7. APB Speakers
  8. Premiere Speakers Bureau
  9. Celebrity Speakers Bureau
  10. Gotham Artists
  11. Worldwide Speakers Group
  12. The Lavin Agency
  13. AEI Speakers Bureau
  14. National Speakers Bureau
  15. Eagles Talent Speakers Bureau

United Kingdom: 16. London Speaker Bureau 17. Speakers Associates 18. CSA Celebrity Speakers 19. JLA (Jeremy Lee Associates) 20. Chartwell Speakers

Canada: 21. Speakers’ Spotlight 22. National Speakers Bureau (Canada) 23. The Lavin Agency (Toronto office)

Australia: 24. Saxton Speakers Bureau 25. ICMI Speakers & Entertainers

Germany: 26. Premium Speakers 27. Referenten Agentur Bertelsmann

France: 28. Athenas 29. Agence Speaking

Netherlands: 30. Speakers Academy 31. ZijSpreekt

Spain: 32. Thinking Heads 33.

Italy: 34. Speakers Forum Italy 35. Olympia Agenzia

Switzerland: 36. Premium Leaders 37. Speakers Excellence Switzerland

India: 38. Keynote Speakers India 39. The Podium

Singapore: 40. Singapore Speakers Bureau 41. Asia Speakers Bureau

Hong Kong: 42. China Speakers Agency 43. Speakers Connect

Middle East: 44. Middle East Speakers Bureau 45. London Speaker Bureau (Dubai office)

South Africa: 46. Unique Speaker Bureau 47. Speakers Inc

Brazil: 48. DMT Palestras 49. Fellipelli Palestrantes

Global/International: 50. A-Speakers (operates worldwide)

The top speaking bureaus in the world represent a wide range of speakers from world leaders and business executives to thought leaders, authors, and celebrities. Agency firms differ in their areas of specialization, with some focusing on specific industries or regions, while others offer a broader, more international range.

Favors that distinguish the top speaking bureaus in the world include:

  • The quality and diversity of their speaker rosters
  • Their reputation and track record in the industry
  • The level of personalized service they provide
  • Their ability to match speakers to specific event needs
  • Their adaptation to new event formats, including virtual and hybrid events
  • Their global reach and understanding of different markets

As the industry expands, top speaking bureaus in the world are adapting to meet changing client needs, embracing technology, and expanding their services beyond simple speaker placement. Loads now offer additional support such as event planning, content development, and speaker training.

As part of choosing a partner, event planners often consider factors such as the bureau’s expertise in their specific industry, the range of speakers offered, pricing transparency, and the level of support provided throughout the booking process.

The top speaking bureaus in the world list represents a snapshot of the global speaking bureau landscape, which continues to grow and change as the demand for impactful speakers at events worldwide increases.