In this life, there are two ways to get paid. You can work hard for money, or have money work hard for you. Happily, when it comes to achieving your goals – whether those goals are earning more income, or enjoying more leisure time – financial planners can serve as personal investment coaches that help you pick the right calls to play. Here’s why it pays to put these MVPs on your team, no matter how much you have to invest.


– Research shows that half of adults over age 30 can’t explain what a 401K is, 36% don’t see a comfortable retirement in their future, and 25% don’t save money every month. A planner can show you how to minimize taxes, maximize savings, and steer your way to a brighter financial future, including how to get ahead with every paycheck.


– Inflation rates are only expected to grow in coming years, with prices on food, energy, and other common household needs only increasing. A financial pro can explain how to invest and grow your money, even after accounting for these expenses.


Six in 10 Americans don’t utilize a household budget. Connect with an advisor, and you can quickly determine how much is coming in and going out the door every month – including how you can keep more money in the bank where it belongs.


One in three people have less than $5000 saved for retirement. That’s a far cry from the minimum $60,000 experts recommend having put away by age 35. Your planner can help you create a smarter savings plan and (using the magic of compound interest) create more opportunities for your money to grow.


Can’t tell the difference between a traditional or Roth IRA? Neither can 56% of your fellow citizens, especially as only one in three people even has one. A financial planner can help you decode different types of investment vehicles and strategies, and determine which best suits your individual needs.


Long story short: From helping you better manage monthly income and expenses to building a more successful savings strategy, there are many upsides to working with a financial planner. Anyone who’s serious about getting their finances in order is encouraged to give them a shout.