Virtual speakers bureaus are doubling down on online keynotes, webinars, virtual presentations, and livestreamed speeches as a way to offset drops in revenue brought on by COVID-19 and recent shifts in the conference and meeting events industries. However, many organizations (including even the most successful virtual speakers bureaus) have yet to explore  a multitude of additional promising innovations and areas of opportunities that could help grow their business. True: Finding ways to continue to provide professional guest speakers, motivational speakers, and inspirational gurus for virtual keynote speeches and presentations is one solution to maintaining resiliency in light of the current industry climate. However, as we previously noted in part one of our guide to future-proofing a virtual speakers bureau, it also pays to get creative with your service and solutions offerings. Here, in part two of the series, we provide 10 additional ways to build and grow a virtual speakers bureau – any or all of which can help you thrive in the new normal.


Workbooks and Training Guides – Distillation of expert knowledge into training manuals, guidebooks, and other educational materials.

Rebranding and Repositioning – Repackaging of existing books or training guides to focus on and offer more in-depth insight for specific verticals, i.e. repurposing a social media sales guide for use by attorneys, accountants, real estate agents, etc.


Celebrity Appearances – Cameos by well-known personalities at online gatherings, participation in virtual events, and appearances in partnership with media and press announcements.


Bylined Posts – Sponsored placements and commentary on leading social networks, or industry websites and publications.


Outside and Non-Executive Directorships – External directorship and advisory work by subject matter experts tasked to serve on a company’s board of directors.


Executive Coaching – Mentorship and instruction in business from today’s most well-known personalities.


Product Endorsements – Collaborations and co-signs with leading consumer or business-to-business providers.


Promotional Giveaways – Books, tip sheets, training programs, and other offerings on trending topics (artificial intelligence, digital transformation, content marketing, etc.) brought to audiences in partnership with leading thinkers.


Certification – Custom educational programs that offer official recognition of achievement in specific areas of study.


Virtual One-on-Ones – Allowing individuals to gift 30- or 60-minute one-on-one training sessions with subject matter experts to partners and clients.