As many new workplace trends and workforce innovations as COVID-19, political uncertainty, and market upheaval have ushered in, finding ways to successfully inspire and motivate employees is often simpler than you might suspect. In fact, as we’ve found in our market research, sometimes, all it takes is a slight shift in approach, and slight change in perspective. Wondering what it takes to help your workforce embrace concepts like creativity and innovation? As the below summaries point out, and our market research reminds, learning to get out in from of workplace trends and workforce innovations – and inspire tomorrow’s generations doesn’t have to be as much of an uphill battle as you might anticipate.

Topic: 5 Things to Know About Working with Generation Z and Gen Alpha

Scenario: Gen Z (folks born after 1995) and Gen Alpha (born in the early 2010s and after) are poised to soon become some of the biggest generations in the workforce – but you need to know how to work with and communicate with them, as they use very different styles than past generations.

Insight: It’s important to offer Gen Zers and Gen Alphas meaningful work, provide them with lots of instruction and feedback, show them how their efforts map directly to positive outcomes, give them lots of experiences/work rotations, and be flexible about things like work hours, workspaces, and benefits. They also want you to have a bigger social mission for the organization, keep a close eye on workplace trends and workforce innovations, and to put a premium on relationships and diversity and inclusion.

Topic: 7 Ways to Motivate Employees Besides Money

Scenario: Money only goes so far towards motivating people, and business leaders don’t have a lot of spare cash to play with amid a pandemic – by helping employees find meaning and joy in work, and recognizing their efforts, you can find ways to inspire them to give their best on the job.

Insight: Creating opportunities for workers to grow and advance in their career, learn new skills, help further their social missions, meet new people and expand their network, do work that matters, enjoy challenging and rewarding tasks, and have some empowerment and authority can help you make workers feel more inspired and recognized.