The future of travel continues to evolve at a blistering clip, promising more new emerging trends and innovations in 2022, 2023, and the years to come. Wondering what it takes to design winning solutions and customer experiences going forward? You can put yourself in the right mindset by asking your organization the following ten questions, designing to help spark growth and innovation.

Q: Why is it more important than ever to offer travelers a seamless and secure experience – and how can organizations help power this transition?

Q: COVID-19 and ongoing economic uncertainty promise to prompt continuing disruption in 2022 and beyond – how are high-tech solutions helping airline and transportation providers stay one step ahead of the curve?

Q: What does the concept of “frictionless” truly mean when it comes to designing tomorrow’s customer experiences – and what will these experiences look like from both an enterprise and everyday passenger’s standpoint?

Q: How is technology currently helping power the future of aviation and transportation – and in what new and novel ways will it help power it going forward?

Q: Some of the biggest changes happening behind the scenes at airports and transportation hubs around the world currently, and that we can expect to see in the near and distant future, include…?

Q: Automation and AI may not immediately seem front and center to travelers, but how are they quietly powering a revolution behind the scenes in terms of screening and security?

Q: Are we currently witnessing the dawn of a new age of air travel and transportation? And what form do you see future innovations taking here in coming months?

Q: Health concerns remain top of mind for many passengers: How are contactless and cutting-edge solutions helping ensure a safer travel experience?

Q: Just how radically is the shape of travel  and transportation expected to be transformed in the months ahead – and why will it only continue to undergo more pronounced transformations from here?

Q: Security and safety are key watchwords for the travel and transportation business going forward: What other trends, innovations, and solutions should be on industry leaders’ radar in 2022 and beyond?