Like the best futurist speakers frequently point out, adapting to change and disruption can be tiring, but it doesn’t have to be anywhere as time-consuming, expensive, or difficult as you may initially suspect. In fact, making simple changes can often have a huge impact on your ability to grow and succeed as an organization. Moreover, no matter what type of resources your business is working with, sometimes, solving the most complex challenges becomes much easier when you just apply the simplest and most clever of solutions. So while the best futurist speakers often offer great insights here, remember. We all have the capacity to change and adapt to disruption using simple strategies, many of which you’re already unknowingly practicing already every day.

Topic: Are You Prepared for the Next Big Disruption?

Essential Insight: Enterprises are currently operating in a time of unprecedented disruption – and it won’t be long, between COVID-19, economic uncertainty, and shifting customer habits – before the next shockwave hits. It’s important to prepare yourself to weather it, and plan for disruption.

Insight: Planning for bad times in good times, and deploying more flexible business solutions, while putting in place the systems and tools you need to be more agile and adaptable will be crucial to business success going forward. By investing in tomorrow today, and applying a few forward-thinking strategies (which we outline here), you can prepare yourself to greet whatever the future brings (even without the help of today’s best futurists or speakers).


Topic: Planning Ahead – What to Do in Case a Second Wave of COVID Strikes

Scenario: We’re already seeing cases on an uptick in many states – a trend that may well continue into 2021, forcing enterprises to have to shut down again or radically rethink their game plan. They need to know how to address possible concerns before hiccups happen again.

Takeaway: Now’s the time to build out a contingency plan, and use digital transformation tools, new business or pricing strategies, and more flexible operating models to plan for sudden shifts in the market. Likewise, it’s also important to button up your finances now, and the way in which you work with vendors, as well as form partnerships with other businesses so you have greater ability to pivot as needed.