Topic: Making Change Work – How to Deal with Disruption

Scenario: Disruption continues to rock the business world and reshape customer behavior in the wake of a global recession and pandemic – companies (and company leaders) are being hit with unexpected changes and sudden market shifts more often and from more angles than ever before. They need systems and strategies for effectively dealing with this volatility and navigating growing chaos.

Insight: While new paradigm shifts brought on by the pandemic and growing economic uncertainty continue to introduce new challenges, they also introduce new opportunities for savvy and nimble businesses that are finding clever ways to adapt to changing times and trends. In effect, change and disruption can be challenging, but they’re also great catalysts for innovation. Similarly, although today’s customer is increasingly choosy, and focused on getting great value most of all, there are many ways to create value for them and stand out from the pack. It’s eminently possible to adapt and thrive in today’s growingly unpredictable and volatile business market and stay one step ahead of the curve by adapting your business strategies more rapidly in time with changing market conditions.

Topic: How to Build and Grow Your Company’s Resilience

Scenario: As unpredictable as the world of business has now become, and as rapidly as market realities and customer needs can shift, it’s important to cultivate grit and resilience – the ability to consistently persevere despite adversity and rebound from setbacks.

Insight: Companies, like people, can grow their resilience over time by implementing systems and processes that allow a business to quickly adapt, pivot, and move in different directions as needed. In addition, they can also thrive despite adversity by training their workforce to exercise greater creativity and innovation in decision making, while also teaching them to learn as they go and use the insights gained to adapt and refine their business strategies. Cultivating a company culture of constant learning, growth, and improvement can help you become more resilient overall, as can empowering your staff to respond more intuitively and rapidly to sudden shifts in the marketplace. Moreover, it’s also vital to invest in solutions that are easily adaptable to multiple contexts and scenarios, so you can use them as springboards to different opportunities if the situation warrants.