Which future trends should be on your radar in 2022, 2023, and beyond? In part three of our consulting futurist’s guide to tomorrow’s hottest developments, we take a closer look at topics like data privacy, data science, and healthcare. Here are several topics that are worth bringing to the forefront of your organization’s agenda.

DATA SCIENCE HELPS ENTERPRISES DO THE MATH – Data literacy (bringing employees up to speed on the use of apps, online services, and data science) will remain a core concern for organizations. At the same time, companies who embrace these solutions to help better optimize inventory management, enhance customer experience, and overhaul their supply chains will enjoy growing competitive advantage. Helping devices, apps, and online solutions get better about communicating with one another and analyzing information only becomes more important in coming months.

REMAKING THE WORLD OF HEALTHCARE – Use of telehealth and online care solutions jumped 38X from pre-COVID levels and is now a $250 billion industry. Likewise, investments in artificially-intelligent tools – which can help doctors and hospital scan patient records and diagnose concerns in record time – are rising by 40% annually. From pill bottles that wirelessly let physicians know if you’re sticking to schedule to wearable wristbands that track patients through the care pathway, growing cognitivization is in the healthcare field’s future.

DATA PRIVACY CONCERNS DOMINATE – Data privacy will continue to remain a pressing concern for businesses, and one that impacts nine in ten customers, with the total number of corporate data breach incidents up by double digits. It will only become further top of mind for shoppers going forward, making the need to protect customers’ information a greater imperative for enterprises to prioritize with each passing day. As a result, privacy hasn’t just become a vital business differentiator now – it’s also become a key pillar in organizations’ efforts to build trust and loyalty, and drive new technology adoption, making it a critical principle for enterprises to embrace in coming years.

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