Corporate sustainability and sustainable energy (like recycling and eco-friendly green solutions) are now major trends amongst both business leaders and everyday individuals like. A slew of polls and surveys demonstrate that awareness for these topics is likewise growing around the globe.


With over half of folks now noting that they’re concerned they’re about their personal impact on the environment, and more than 70% of businesses stating that responsibility for driving green solutions (i.e. corporate sustainability and eco-friendly alternatives) lies with their organization, it’s clear that interest in the space only continues to skyrocket in corporate circles. Considering that more than 80% of businesses remind that employees increasingly make it a priority to work for sustainable businesses, this movement is only expected to grow in coming years.


Noting this, it’s not surprising to see interest in the space booming. Case in point: A centuries-old alcohol brand is already preparing to repackage itself using paper bottles as early as Spring 2021. Packaging will be made leveraging fully recyclable wood pulp to increase its biodegradability and eco-friendliness – a point worth toasting. Around the world, a variety of international mail carriers and shipping services are also testing out the use of hybrid and electric vehicles as they service delivery routes, including the use of rechargeable batteries to power these automobiles. Moreover, all sorts of organizations – especially farmers, co-ops, and livestock producers – are leveraging solar panels to help minimize their impact on the planet and energy consumption to boot.


The net effect being that initiatives that promote corporate sustainability and eco-friendiness only continue to pop up more frequently. If you’d believe, several leading beauty brands have even gotten behind the movement, and made commitments to move towards utilizing more cardboard-based packaging. A number of transportation and travel providers are also rolling out efforts to achieve carbon neutrality in coming decades as well.


Best of all, more than half of business leaders are looking to put growing emphasis on corporate sustainability over the coming decade. Even more say that it’s the right thing to do as good corporate citizens, and have bumped related programs to the top of their priority lists, along with driving economic recovery. So when it comes to environmentally friendly solutions? We’re pleased to report that they’re clearly the future of business.