Here’s the funny thing about learning how to make creativity and innovation flourish inside a business – it’s far less difficult and far less time-consuming that you might imagine. As our market research shows time and time again, sometimes all it takes to solve the most challenging and complex problems and just the simplest and move clever of solutions. Additional thoughts can be found below.


Topic: 5 Ways to Promote a Culture of Creativity and Innovation

Scenario: Business owners and management teams can’t do everything alone – they need to find ways to help colleagues be more resourceful, innovative, and self-sufficient, as well as to find more effective ways to empower these employees to share pressing insights and take action in the face of rising challenges and opportunities.

Insight: You can teach creativity and innovation by putting processes and platforms in place that allow employees to more effectively communicate, collaborate, and speak up, as well as quickly experiment and transform insights into action. Likewise, providing employees with more hands-on opportunities to learn by doing or expand their skill set – e.g. through a rotation of roles/responsibilities, volunteer opportunities, or internal competitions – can also help them exercise their creative muscles.


Topic: 7 Simple Mindset Shifts That Can Transform Your Business

Scenario: Often, the answers that business leaders are looking for are simpler than they’d suspect – discovering them is all about how you choose to look at a situation, and the way in which you choose to respond to it.

Insight: Shifts in the market don’t have to be problems if they’re creating new opportunities at the same time, and you are studiously practical about looking for ways to adapt to them. Changes in customer habits don’t have to be an issue if it presents an opportunity for you to get better as a business at implementing systems that help you stay better attuned to shifting sentiments and quickly adapting to them. Fear of rising competitors doesn’t have to be a bad thing if it motivates you to gain capabilities and resources where you may be lacking. There are many ways to look at a situation, not all of which have to be negative – and all of which we can find more positive and practical ways to respond to.