Being customer experience (CX) keynote speakers and consultants, we find ourselves being asked more and more: What’s the secret to designing a great customer experience – and taking customer service to the next level? Likewise, partners often wonder: How can you create a corporate culture in your business where concepts like creativity, innovation, and emotional intelligence (EQ) thrive. Below, you’ll find summaries of some of our latest customer experience keynote speaker programs and market research, which should help some insight into what it takes to raise the bar.


Topic: Customer Experience and Customer Service – How to Do It Right

Scenario: The simplest and most convenient solutions now tend to win out in business – business management teams need to know how to reduce friction and make products, services, and solutions more attractive to customers.

Insight: Finding ways to do in one step what’s currently taking your business several is paramount, as is making the customer journey from inspiration to research to purchase much shorter. Likewise, you can work with customers themselves to hone in on the ideas that you should be prioritizing, features you should be adding, and how to streamline your overall interactions. On the back end, company internal processes should also be springboards to getting things done – not barriers – and a focus should be placed on agility and adaptability. You should also design solutions in such a way that they’re easily modifiable or adjustable to meet customers’ changing needs.

Topic: How to Drive Greater Employee Interest and Engagement

Scenario: Remote workers are becoming more disengaged or distracted – but business leaders need to maintain high levels of morale, productivity, and growth, especially during tough times like these, which doesn’t have to be as challenging as it sounds. Boosts in morale and enthusiasm will also impact their interactions with customers.

Insight: Sometimes, it’s not about you being a boss, it’s about being more of a coach and mentor who constantly finds ways to help employees learn, grow, and enjoy hands-on opportunities to see how their efforts make a difference in the business. Likewise, people respond to other people: It’s important to offer projects and initiatives that allow them to collaborate, regularly communicate, and build on their collective ideas to create winning solutions. You also have to offer a host of opportunities to spotlight their workers and authentically celebrate their contributions.