As futurists speakers, virtual keynote presenters, and consultants, we’re frequently asked: What types of work do futurist consulting pros perform? Interestingly, the answers tend to vary by project or client, and aren’t always as straightforward as they may seem. That’s because futurist speakers and consultants are often tapped to work on a variety of different ventures, and collaborate with meeting and event planners (and executive teams) as part of different types of conferences, get-togethers, and corporate initiatives.

However, some examples of the types of work that you might expect a futurist consulting pro and keynote speaker to perform are fairly routine. These efforts might include providing strategic consulting services, giving workshops, seminars or breakouts at meetings and events, or even facilitating roundtables and training exercises or classes at board or executive retreats. No two futurist speakers and consultants necessarily provide the same services, or experience the same two days, given that the nature of their work is often highly individualized based on the client and initiative.

That said, a few examples of types of tasks you might ask your favorite futurologist to help with are outlined in brief below:

  • Study and analyze past and present trends, events, and technology advancements
  • Research and analyze future developments and changes in society, technology, economics, politics, and culture
  • Utilize data, forecasting methods, and scenario building to develop informed predictions
  • Stay informed on emerging technologies, scientific discoveries, and market trends
  • Collaborate with experts and specialists from various fields to gather diverse perspectives and insights
  • Create and communicate predictions, recommendations, and insights to businesses, governments, and the public
  • Continuously monitor and update predictions based on new information and developments
  • Engage in thought-provoking discussions and debates about future possibilities and their implications
  • Advocate for responsible and ethical uses of technology and development to create a positive future for all.

As you can see, futurist speakers are frequently tapped to assist with a host of tasks. The real question here is: Where can they help you add value, based on your current strategic priorities?