Which business and technology trends will define the future of life and work? What products and services will tomorrow’s customer want? How can you better adapt to change and uncertainty? Today, we’re proud to introduce POP FUTURE™  ( — a faster, friendlier approach to training and education that can help you answer these questions in record time.


Making new high-tech innovations, future trends, and business concepts simpler and more intuitive to talk about and teach, the POP FUTURE training method presents a more user-friendly approach to strategy planning and trend forecasting − and one that challenges business leaders find more fast, fun, and engaging ways to communicate complex ideas (metaverse, NFTs, hybrid work, etc.) in seconds… such as by using short films, animations, apps, and new event formats to boost learning and retention. Using the approaches and strategies outlined in free, downloadable book Think Like a Futurist™ and companion instruction guide What is Pop Future? — available free to download at — anyone can learn to spot and adapt to what’s coming next more effectively… and make tomorrow’s most important topics easier to comprehend. In effect, POP FUTURE provides a blueprint for making complex topics simpler to discuss and grasp — and teaching them in a radically shorter time span by using cartoon animations, illustrated infographics, short film skits, interactive games, and other forms of experimental art or creative expression to boost engagement, learning and retention.


Grounded in principles of micro-learning, the POP FUTURE method (again, free for all to download and enjoy) can help educators, trainers, and communications pros deliver bite-sized learning content just in time when audiences need it — and grant busy professionals fluency in emerging topics in a fraction of traditional learning periods. In other words: If a picture is worth a thousand words, POP FUTURE asks us: How can we likewise find ways to communicate an entire market research report or training manual’s worth of content in just minutes? David Thomas, PhD, executive director of online programs at the University of Denver, and co-founder of Professors at Play, is helping provide learning content and educational programming.


A milestone in professional education, the POP FUTURE learning system will be further expanded in coming months with a mix of free videos, eBooks, tutorials, and other training supplements, which will be made available at its official website.


“New technologies, gadgets, and innovations are every bit as much a topic of public fascination and conversation now as movies, TV, video games, and music,” explains award-winning futurist and POP FUTURE creator Scott Steinberg. “As futurist thinking continues to become more approachable and appealing to everyday audiences, so too should the learning and communications tools that we use to help put future-focused topics in context. Who says that market research reports or business presentations need to be dry and boring? In the same way that musicians and movie stars use pop culture references to help get messages across more concisely and clearly, POP FUTURE challenges business leaders to put emerging trends and innovations in a clearer, more approachable context.”


To learn more, download a free copy of the book Think Like a Futurist and starter guide to POP FUTURE now at: