What trends are futurists speakers keeping in mind lately as they think through the future of work, HR, workforce trends, and other topics? You may be surprised: It’s no so much a time of metaverse upgrades or NFT plays as it is one of practical innovation. If you’re hoping to quickly separate the signal from the noise, we present part two of our look at today’s Top 10 Trends to Watch – it pays to keep each of the below items on your radar.

A BOOM IN CYBERCRIME – Cybercrime is today’s fastest-growing form of criminal activity, recently costing enterprises $6.1 trillion. But 4 in 5 companies are still extremely concerned about hacks and data breaches happening. Given the skyrocketing amount of data now being shared online, it will only become growingly important for market leaders to strengthen digital defenses in coming years.

THE SHIFT TO SUSTAINABILITY – Investments in sustainable business solutions recently hit record highs, even as 8 in 10 customers now prefer to purchase from eco-friendly organizations. Going forward, firms will look to implement greener, more recyclable, and more reusable solutions up and down their supply chain – and hold partners to greener standards as well. Cloud, robotics, and machine learning technologies will underpin industry evolution here. 

5G CONNECTIVITY TURBO-CHARGES INNOVATION – 5G high-speed networking now allows organizations to leverage huge amounts of data in real-time – and will power a world of increasingly sophisticated applications. Ever seen firefighter helmets that can generate 3D maps of burning buildings on the fly? How about traffic signals smart enough to prevent accidents by tracking the position of pedestrians and vehicles and issuing in-car driver alerts on the fly? This isn’t the stuff of science-fiction: These are just a few applications already in use today.

QUANTUM COMPUTING SCALES UP – Quantum computing promises to bring a quantum leap forward in processing power, with an eye towards helping organizations make equally pronounced jumps forward in productivity and performance. By leveraging the power of quantum mechanics to shame even the most advanced supercomputers, it will help organizations solve increasingly complex problems at scale – including helping accelerate mankind’s race into space and push to deliver more supercharged and eco-friendly electric vehicles.