As keynote speakers for law firms and legal ops providers, we often explore topics such as leadership, change management, and digital transformation. We’ve been putting these subjects in especial focus lately as part of our recent columns for Corporate Counsel magazine as well. In case you’ve missed them, just a few topics we’ve recently been exploring in these writings (and as keynote speakers) are:

How to Be More Agile and Adaptable – Corporations aren’t known for their speed or agility, nor are legal departments: We explained how simple, cost-effective technology tools and productivity/strategy hacks can help you move at greater speed, and pivot more readily. As it turns out, staying one step ahead of the curve isn’t about having more resources or manpower – it’s about being more resourceful.

Dealing with Data Privacy and Online Safety – Two sources of massive concern for modern organizations that will only grow in prominence going forward as more interactions happen digitally and more content becomes user-generated. And that’s before you consider the sheer number of virtual touchpoints at which customers now interact with brands. We explained the various issues that can arise, and how to nip them in the bud.

Recruiting and Retaining Tomorrow’s Legal Talent – Millennials are now the largest group in the workforce, and Gen Z is following fast behind. And yet they learn, think, and work differently from prior generations; are motivated by different factors than money; and boast an average attention span of 8 seconds (a goldfish’s attention span is 9 seconds by comparison). What will this mean for a legal department and its efforts to hire and keep top talent? It’s a topic we took a closer look at.

How to Future-Proof Your Career – There’s no one straight path to the top anymore; as it turns out, the way forward in a world of constant disruption is winding. And oftentimes, you’ve got to create your own springboards and bridges to success. We explained how attorneys can weather even the greatest periods of economic volatility – and how to succeed whatever tomorrow brings.

How to Think Like a Futurist – We train hundreds of executives every year on how to get better about learning how to spot and capitalize on new trends – a skill that anyone can learn and get better at. We showed readers how to become every bit as much of a strategic player in the business as anyone on the business development or research side of the house.

The Right Approach to Digital Transformation – As it turns out, it’s a three-part process that revolves around People, Processes, and Technology. We discussed how to structure and manage these efforts; handle data and IT operations; minimize privacy and security risks; and design an organization’s virtual back-end in such a way that every department benefits. Likewise, we talked about how legal departments need to be involved from day one not only to help identify risks, but also structure operations in such a way that they have 360-degree visibility into organizational operations and full access to data/information.