POP FUTURE™ is a new learning and education system (aka a teaching methodology, which is free for all to download and learn about here) that anyone can use to make future trends, technology innovations, and business topics more fun and simple to understand – and make these subjects seem approachable and appealing to audiences of all backgrounds and skill levels.


In effect, POP FUTURE challenges us to use creative forms of artistic expression – e.g. animated cartoons, explainer videos, infographics, interactive games, etc. – to simplify complex ideas; make otherwise dry and boring topics more engaging and approachable; and say in seconds what currently takes hours or minutes to communicate.


You can download instructions and examples at


Note that the more creative the approach that you take here, the better: Everyone is invited to take the challenge and find their own fun and singular ways to communicate in the language of POP FUTURE.


In other words, it’s all about finding unique and fun ways to express your personality while getting your message across. Just a few ways that POP FUTURE can help you enhance teaching, training, professional development, and educational efforts include:


– Modern attention spans have shrunk, even as we’re being asked to adapt to new business + technology trends faster than ever – who has time to keep up? POP FUTURE makes staying up to date simple.


– The future of work is here – but we’re still typically using outdated methods of education, communication, and training to engage with modern audiences. POP FUTURE offers a more fast, fun, and approachable way to teach audiences of all skill levels about new business and technology trends.


– Current systems for PR, marketing, and communications are looking increasingly outdated and outmoded: POP FUTURE provides a way to make complex ideas simpler to understand and helps you communicate them more rapidly in more approachable and inviting terms that anyone can quickly comprehend.


– Who often has the time to absorb training manuals, market research reports, and extensive learning curriculum anymore? Not only can POP FUTURE can get you up to speed faster on new topics and trends – it can also help make learning them easier and more enjoyable.


– Who wants to sit through long and boring presentations anymore? POP FUTURE can help you not only design meetings, events, and conferences (not to mention teaching, training and professional development programs) to be more dynamic and engaging, but also help you better capture and hold audiences’ attention.


– POP FUTURE provides a more equitable and affordable approach to training and education: Audiences of all backgrounds and skill levels can access learning programs and content packaged and presented in the POP FUTURE method more readily.