As sales keynote speakers and training class presenters, it’s not uncommon to be asked by clients what it takes to build competitive advantage, and how to stay relevant, especially in fast-changing or challenging business times. The answer is oftentimes just a little bit more cleverness and creativity, as we see in a variety of industries and spaces, perhaps none so much as the real estate market. Case in point: Let’s say that you’re an agency that operates in a major metropolitan area, or another one of today’s most crowded and competitive markets. How can you find ways to stand out from the pack and stay ahead of the curve?

As it turns out, if you’re well-known agency Corcoran, you do it by turning your YouTube channel into a TV style network, and create a range of must-see video broadcast for prospective buyers. For instance:

– Stories and Spaces – which takes you behind the scenes of some of the nation’s most storied cities’ most famous and exclusive apartments – giving you inside details on their history, neighborhood, and occupants.
– Live Who You Are – which features local celebrities showing off their unique homes and styles.
– And The Scoop – which features Corcoran’s own agents, who provide insider hints, tips, insights, and recommendations

But perhaps most entertainingly of all, if you’re Douglas Elliman Real Estate, you take an entirely left field approach to solving the same problem, and launch a new, artificially intelligent smartphone app called Elli that learns your preferences and automatically curates, matches and suggests properties to you as you go. Not only can you use the app to quickly swipe and save properties to your profile, or live chat with brokers. In a stunning display of augmented reality technology, it also lets you hold up your smartphone camera to any nearby building and discover if there’s an apartment for sale or rent.

Pretty cool ideas and applications for new high-tech advancements right? But they’re only a handful of the clever concepts that you and your team could be coming up with. So while, as sales keynote speakers, we’re always happy to virtually pop in and say hello to your team, don’t forget. Your team is already well-staffed with innovative minds already – sometimes, your ability to compete is just a function of how capable you are at getting them to speak up and share these concepts.