Q: What does it take to get a business off the ground, or explore a new strategic initiative, today?

Next to nothing, actually – often, you just need a few hours’ spare time and a credit card. Over a third of America is now freelancing, and countless freelance marketplace sites and free online stock image/video/music/etc. libraries can connect you with gig economy workers and complementary resources that can help you launch new businesses or initiatives for pennies on the dollar. Barriers to entry in many markets are virtually nothing, meaning it’s easier than ever to start a new project or initiative. After all, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel here. If a common business problem exists, more often than not, you can leverage someone else’s clever, cost-effective way to solve it. And more and more, communities are springing up online and around the globe that can help you dive right in and begin making things happen.

Q: Do you need any particular degree, training, or qualifications to excel at building a small business or practicing the art of business development?

No! You just need a little initiative. Happily, we’re all capable of successfully innovating our way to the top – and all it takes is one simple shift in mindset to do so. Research shows the leading barrier to ongoing business success isn’t time, money, or resources: It’s resistance to change, and lack of risk tolerance. As fast-moving and unpredictable as today’s world is though, we’re all forced to adapt on a daily basis. Haven’t taken a good look at your shifting schedule or priorities lately? Surprise – chances are, you’re successfully changing and innovating every day already. If everyone is capable of innovating, the only thing stopping you from getting ahead consistently is your own sense of perspective. The fundamental rule of business development is that there’s always a way to get a job done – finding it is simply an exercise in puzzle-solving and persistence. 

Bottom line: Virtually everyone has what it takes to start and successfully launch a small business – if you’re thinking of making the leap, there’s never been a better time to start than today.