Small business experts are full of hints and tips to help you turbo-charge growth and attract new customers in 2021. It’s an indicator of just how much the market is changing, as the world continues to wrestle with the effects of COVID-19 and ongoing economic uncertainty. But while the move to digital transformation is forcing many businesses to have to rethink their game plan and marketing strategies, don’t forget. You don’t need to be a small business expert yourself to successfully navigating these changes, or come out stronger for the efforts. Oftentimes, a little ingenuity and forward-thinking is all it takes to help put yourself on the fast-track to success, as several recent market research findings remind. Simply read on to learn more.

Topic: 10 Ways to Make Your Small Business Look Bigger and More Competitive

Scenario: Many small business owners are competing with larger firms, yet have small teams and limited resources: They need to punch above their weight and look the part of an accomplished organization that potential clients can trust.

Insight: A number of clever tricks – from designing a killer website in minutes for pennies to setting up toll-free 800 numbers with virtual secretaries and mailing addresses at prime real estate locations that can receive packages or let you take conferences on-demand –  can help you go toe-to-toe with major corporations and look every bit as competitive at a glance. This is especially important for business owners looking to get their foot in the door.

Topic: 5 Business Technologies You Need to Adopt Right Now

Scenario: Even with small business’ doors reopening, a much larger portion of business operations – from workforce management to sales and customer service – is going digital and online. But small business owners may not know which make the most sense for them, and where to start.

Insight: Open source software lets you innovate and adapt at scale, and at less cost. Data analytics and visualization tools make it possible to mine mountains of information and surface actionable data at a glance. Artificial intelligence is now being used to do everything from converse with customers to prevent fraud to recruit new hires. Workflow optimization solutions and online pay-as-you-go cloud services can also save you tremendous time and effort while also making it possible to enjoy significant cost savings.