Growth in contactless and touchless technology has recently been spurred by the arrival of COVID-19 and the coronavirus pandemic. But from a customer experience and convenience standpoi nt, it’s obvious that it’s also increasingly becoming the future of business. Here are 10 of the many futuristic new innovations you can expect to see it powering in the years and decades to come:


-Entire countries whose healthcare or government ID systems never require the use of printed documents or written records to verify and serve citizens.


– Online retailers that make it possible to buy the season’s hottest steals and deals in seconds just by talking to your TV or computer.


– Pharmacies that can dispense prescriptions and medicine without ever demanding that you interact with a human technician.


– Bank machines that you can withdraw cash, make payments, and perform transactions from just by looking at their screens, without the need to carry a debit card or PIN number around for safety.


– Customer support hotlines that can predict your needs the second that you call into them, and provide personalized answers and solutions, without having to wait on hold.


– Workplaces where you’ll never have to check in with a supervisor, or worry about verifying overtime billings, because computerized systems will know exactly when you’ve clocked in and out.


– Stadiums, concert halls, and public spaces that won’t require you to bring tickets, because they’ll know at a glance if you’ve already purchased a seat for the evening’s performance.


– A world where you won’t need a passport, because airport security personnel will already know everything they need about your travels.


– Home, car, and garage doors that will recognize you as you approach and unlock without a single turn of a key.


– Banks that can intelligently detect and identify thieves trying to steal your hard-earned cash – and automatically report these individuals to the appropriate authorities.


As you can see, the future will only bring more advancements here – all of which have the potential to add up to safer, more secure, and more efficient business operations.