Many top futurist speakers note: Business leadership best practices, change management essentials, and workforce trends are quickly being upended in the wake of COVID-19 and ongoing geopolitical and economic uncertainty. But despite growing market volatility, learning to surf these incoming waves of change doesn’t have to be as challenging or time-consuming as it may initially seem. Here, in the most recent update in our series of market research findings, we asked our team of top futurist speakers and management consultants to share some of their recent insights into how leadership tactics need to adapt to keep up with recent market changes. Their findings may surprise you.

Topic: How to Successfully Guide Your Management Team Through Tough Times

Scenario: Times like these test the mettle of even the most experienced teams – business leaders need ways to keep enthusiasm and morale high, and keep steering towards positive outcomes.

Insight: If you’re up-front, honest, and transparent about the challenges being face; look for practical takeaways and insights from challenging situations; work with teammates to create a viable action plan; aren’t afraid to pivot and adjust as information is gained; celebrate every win, even the small ones; get objective and honest feedback from your team; and aren’t too proud to course correct as needed, you’ll come out OK in the end.

Topic: 10 Ways to Become a More Effective Leader

Topic: Corporate executives are feeling the burden of leadership more than ever, and need advice on how to step up their skills and become better team leaders.

Insight: Being a great leader isn’t about being great at delegation – it’s about being a great communicator, mentor, motivator, cheerleader, and more. That means having to set clear goals, act as a teacher/guide to employees (not order-giver), giving more frequent feedback, receiving feedback on your own leadership, staying open to new approaches/perspectives, etc.


Topic: 7 Things the Best Leaders Do Every Single Day

Scenario: Great leaders get in the practice of exercising smart habits every day.

Insight: Effective leaders communicate openly and honestly, empower teams to speak up and take action, measure the results of every effort, use mistakes as learning opportunities, cultivate resilience by finding ways to pivot more effectively, focus on the big picture vs. micromanaging, etc.