The top speaking bureaus in the USA and Europe do things differently in practice. The industry is a global phenomenon after all, with both the United States and overseas counties boasting impressive rosters of agencies that connect organizations with influential voices as top speaking bureaus worldwide. While there are similarities in how these talent agency booking firms operate, there are also notable differences in their focus, reach, and the speakers they represent.

United States

In the USA, several bureaus stand out as industry leaders:

  1. Washington Speakers Bureau (WSB): Celebrated for representing high-profile political figures and business leaders.
  2. Harry Walker Agency: Represents an elite group of speakers, including former world leaders and Nobel laureates.
  3. Keppler Speakers: Offers a diverse range of talent, particularly strong in business and sports.
  4. All American Speakers Bureau: Among the top speaking bureaus USA v Europe, provides a wide variety of speakers for events of all sizes and budgets.
  5. Leading Authorities, Inc.: Specializes in business, politics, and media personalities.

American agencies often have a more extensive reach, representing speakers who are household names not just in the US but globally. Agent pros tend to have larger rosters and more substantial resources, reflecting the size of the US market.


In Europe, a different roster of top speaking bureaus take marquee billing:

  1. London Speaker Bureau: Despite the name, it has a pan-European and global presence.
  2. Speakers Associates: Based in the UK but operates across Europe and beyond.
  3. CSA Celebrity Speakers: Headquartered in London with offices across Europe.
  4. Athenas: A major player in the French-speaking market.
  5. Premium Speakers (Germany): Focuses on the German-speaking market but has a broader European reach as one of the top speaking bureaus USA v Europe.

European agencies often have a more international flavor, representing speakers from various countries and cultures. Folks tend to focus more on regional expertise and multilingual capabilities.


  1. Market Size: The US market is larger and more homogeneous, while the European market is more fragmented due to linguistic and cultural differences.
  2. Speaker Profiles: US agencies often have more celebrity speakers and former high-level government officials. European agencies tend to have a more diverse international roster.
  3. Cultural Nuances: European agencies often place a higher emphasis on speakers who can navigate various cultural contexts within Europe.
  4. Pricing: Speaking fees tend to be higher in the US market, particularly for top-tier speakers.
  5. Industry Focus: While top speaking bureaus in both regions cover all industries, US agencies often have stronger representation in technology and entertainment, while European agencies may have more strength in fields like international relations and global economics.
  6. Global Reach: Top US agencies often have a more extensive global reach, while European agencies excel in providing speakers for region-specific events.


Despite these differences, top speaking bureaus in both regions share common traits:

  1. Professional standards and high-quality service
  2. Diverse speaker rosters covering various topics
  3. Adaptation to virtual and hybrid event formats
  4. Emphasis on thought leadership and expertise

As the speaking industry becomes increasingly global, the lines between US and European agencies are blurring. Many now operate internationally, representing speakers from around the world and serving clients across continents. Thile trend towards globalization shoild continue, offering event planners an ever-expanding pool of talented speakers to choose from, regardless of their location.