Topic: How Technology is Making Travel More Human

Scenario: Biometrics (face/voice recognition and gesture-tracking technology) are making it possible to do everything from step onto a flight to check into a hotel to purchase an item from a store without having to touch anything or ever interact with another person. It’s crucial to think about how they’re quickly transforming the world of travel, especially in the wake of continuing disruptions. COVID-19 will only continue to accelerate the push towards contactless/touchless and convenient solutions through the end of 2021, 2022, and beyond.

Insight: Did you know: You can seamlessly check in at destinations, purchase and retrieve goods, drop off bags, walk through security checkpoints and more now without ever dealing with a human? Or wave your hand to interact with screens or talk to them to call up a dinner order to manage a travel itinerary? Keyless and touchless controls for hotel rooms, lights, thermostats, and more are also going to be the norm going forward. And you’d never guess just how much you’ll be able to reserve, buy, access, or grab just from a mobile app. It’s all thanks to biometrics – which will power everything from destinations and attractions to most interactions we have in the very near future, as they present safer and more convenient alternatives.

Topic: Steals and Deals: 10 Great Ways to Travel For Less

Scenario: How can you enjoy luxury destinations, transport and dining without spending a fortune? Road warriors need to think about travel tips and ways to save on the go, so you can score great hotels, dining options, and access to leading destinations without breaking the bank.

Insight: Can you be flexible with travel dates and times? It can save you money. Do you have to be right in the heart of town or could you stay more off the beaten path? Instant savings. What about hotels – could you grab one last-minute or do an AirBNB instead? Again, money back in your pocket. Have you worked with concierges, convention centers, or visitor’s bureaus to score specials, discounts, and money-saving packages? More places to save. Also, instead of springing for big-ticket experiences, you can book for less with local small business providers who are happy to show you around. Etc.