Digital transformation keynote speakers are often quick to point out new technology solutions and trends that can help you build your business. But they’re not always as prone to pointing out what it takes to successfully implement these advancements and manage these transitions. We’ve been doing quite a bit of market research in the space surrounding topics such as artificial intelligence (AI), automation, cyber security and more lately, however. So the next time you’re thinking about whether to hire a digital transformation keynote speaker, don’t forget: It pays to consider not just what new high-tech solutions that you should be keeping on your radar, but best practices for employing them as well.

Topic: A Guide to Managing Digital Transformation

Essential Insight: Virtually every business is having to migrate operations online and embrace digital transformation – but there are several low- and high-tech strategies that you must employ to ensure it’s done right.

Insight: Turnkey technology solutions can help make the leap to the cloud virtually overnight, and design custom apps, websites, and more using off the shelf templates. But you also have to think about how you structure data and share it with the organization; put AI and analytics tools in place to help you sift through it; promote data literacy in the company; and safeguard your business with cybersecurity tools and solutions. It’s not just as simple as deciding to go online.

Topic: 10 Business Functions You Can Outsource to Automation Today

Topic: Businesses only have so much time and bandwidth while constantly being pulled in multiple directions – here are several tasks they can offload to technology.

Insight: Like digital transformation keynote speakers like to point out: From scheduling and bookkeeping to marketing, inventory fulfillment, and content management, there are many areas of your business that online apps, technology tools, and AI-powered assistants can help you field.

Topic: Biometrics and Touchless Solutions: Making Them Work for Your Business

Scenario: More and more businesses are turning to touchless solutions and high-tech experiences powered by biometrics (physical movement or facial characteristics) in the aftermath of the pandemic to promote user-friendliness, safety, and security – as digital transformation keynote speakers would do well to point out, it’s important to know how to make them work for you.

Insight: You can do more with gestures and voice commands that simply manipulate speakers and video game systems – you can use them to control all sorts of equipment and controls in your business, heighten security, and provide all manner of more intuitive user experiences. Many off the shelf solutions that won’t cost a fortune can help you do everything from fight fraud and better keep track of workers’ shifts and hours to heighten on-site authentication and security.