As future of work virtual keynote speakers and live event key note speaking pros, we’re often asked about new workforce trends and innovations. Likewise, clients frequently ask us how they can tap into and capitalize on new and emerging business trends, and adapt their organizations to be more successful going forward. Following, let’s take a closer look at where our future of work virtual keynote speakers thoughts may lie, and how they might be able to help you heighten engagement and excitement for tradeshows, conferences, and events.

What do future of work trends and new technologies mean in practical terms for business leaders going forward?

On the one hand, it’s important to consider that human capital will be just as important to manage as any asset on your balance sheet going forward. It also means that in addition to investing in areas like research, development, and operational planning, it’s going to be critical to invest equally heavily in workforce-related training, education, and support in the years ahead. Likewise, you’ll further want to think about how to offer workers more flexible work opportunities, working models, and benefits that are better tailored to their individual needs, career goals, and lifestyles in coming months.

From an operating standpoint, it additionally means having to invest in and put new tools, technologies, and operating strategies in place that make it easier for your staff and partners to connect, collaborate, and build shared cultural understandings at every turn. Likewise, with game-changing innovations like AI and machine learning now gaining in prominence and prevalence, it’s clear that anything that can easily be automated will in coming months. In effect, technology and communications tools continue to make exponential advancements – our operating strategies will have to shift equally pronouncedly to be more adaptable and keep up.

Note that when we speak about the future, we often talk about a “new normal.” Rather, I’d argue that at the pace we’re moving these days, it’s all about the “next” normal – and you can bet that these next normal are about to come on fast and furious. This means that your organization’s talent strategies, workforce management strategies, and operating strategies should be designed to be more adaptable from top to bottom – noting that flexibility, in effect, is the essence of future-proofing.