In keeping with our previous post, here are several topics we’ve recently been exploring as part of our keynote speaking and management consulting practices.

Want Digital Transformation? Transform Your Culture First – Digital transformation isn’t as difficult as many firms think from a purely technical standpoint – heck, hundreds of technology providers offer myriad tools that can help you digitally transform operations with a minimum of time and effort. But switching to a digital and distributed world where attacks can come anytime, anywhere; take dozens of forms; and attack along any point of your security perimeter means having to rethink how we manage people, manage data, and manage network visibility and strategy. That means rethinking leadership in organizations in an age where everyone needs to be trained to think more like a leader.

What Happens When Your Next Coworker is an App or Robot? – We already have AI-powered chatbots smart enough to pass for human. And robots are performing more and more tasks in the workplace. Oh, and analytics/data insight tools – they’re quickly replacing the market research department. What does it mean for companies with the future suddenly here – and our sudden need to secure these tools is only growing?

The New Formula for Success: Agility + Analytics x Automation – Change is the only constant businesses can expect going forward – they’ve got to reengineer themselves (both from a security and operations standpoint) to leverage smart/automated tools and insights if they want to keep up with sudden and ongoing shifts in customer behaviors, markets, and security threats. There’s no more room for gut instinct or even human reaction time: Now, it’s all about learning to make technology your eyes, ears, and source of inspiration.

Adapting to COVID-19: Reinventing the Future of Business – Who says innovation has to be difficult or time-consuming? Dozens of businesses are using off the shelf tools, apps, services, and online marketplaces to adapt to shifts in the marketplace and complete their digital transformation in no time flat. We considered why technology has made it easier than ever to build a more resilient business, and how scrappy business owners are using it to bounce back.