Being workforce trends and future of work keynote speakers and consultants in 2022, we routinely get tasked with determining: What comes next in the world of business? In keeping with our previous two posts, you can see a handful of the many topics we’ve been asked to research and explored in recent months. Following, you’ll find a quick rundown of subjects that have been top of mind over the past few weeks.

10 New Skills Needed for IT Success – Bzzt! Sorry, technological training and education is now a baseline and even Google’s own research tells us that the most successful employees aren’t the ones with high IQ or that are “book” smart. Rather, the future belongs to those who are more adaptable, more resilient, better communicators, better able to coordinate teams, able to shift gears faster, etc.

How 5G Changes Everything: Securing a World of Infinite Scale – 5G networks allow huge leaps in technology – we can use them to allow surgeons to operate on patients in real time from thousands of miles away, help firefighters generate 3D maps of burning buildings in real-time for use in augmented reality display equipped helmets, etc. But with this huge leap in scale comes a commensurate leap in security threats – how can organizations cope?

Redesigning Tomorrow’s Workplace – Flexwork is the new norm – hybrid working models, flexible schedules, online learning routines and mentorship programs, ultra-customized benefits programs, working arrangements that adapt to the individual family and situation: How do businesses prepare? Also, there’s the physical element to consider as well in terms of office redesigns… And what gets outsourced to AI and analytics, and where to we replace humans with cyber tools?

Manufacturing and Automation: Securing Our Digital Infrastructure – Assembly lines staffed by AI tools, warehouses manned by robots, deliveries made by drones… all of these high-tech solutions are here, and all are susceptible to security threats. We considered how these tools are transforming our world… and where we need to be on the lookout for concerns.