10 Energy Market Trends to Watch – What trends in energy and power – e.g. the rise of renewables, massive push towards electrification of buildings and vehicles, increasingly shift to carbon neutral operations, boom in artificially intelligent cities that leverage the Internet of Things, etc – need to be on companies’ radar in 2022 and 2023? One of our business partners recently asked us to walk audiences through some of coming years’ most important themes.

Where and How Going Green Can Save You Money – Companies are hearing more and more about sustainability – we were asked to break down how it can positively impact their business while also boosting the bottom line. And make a case for how investments in going greener made now can help pay off big for the firm in the long run.

Green Energy is Booming – Here’s How to Make the Most of It – OK, so you’re a business leader who keeps hearing more about green energy and  sustainability – now, what does it mean from a business standpoint, and where could you practically implement and integrate it in your operations to make the most of it? We were honored to be asked to research and reveal several areas of business operations where green solutions can help make a major difference, and where you might want to get started introducing them to help create business results the fastest.

10 Smartest Cities in the World – From Boston and Chicago to London, Tokyo, and Dubai, cities worldwide are giving themselves a host of futuristic upgrades (from smart energy and waste collection systems to artificially intelligent traffic and emergency response systems). Being futurist keynote speakers, we got asked to catalogue some of the most notable examples and clever ways that these storied destinations leveraging new innovations – as well as explain how businesses can plug into this growing movement.

7 Business Technologies That Can Help You Go Greener – From blockchain to AI and automation, it’s no surprise that we were asked to explore the top new technologies that can help your business become greener, smarter, and more cost efficient – and make a case for why adopting them is essential for success in the future.