As a top expert witness and industry analyst, FPS’ CEO provides expert reports, research, consulting and testimony for legal matters. Celebrated as The World’s Leading Business Strategist, and a #1-ranked future trends forecaster, just a few sample spaces he works in include technology, telecommunications, video games, toys, consumer products, B2B and B2B solutions, and more. The multi-bestselling author of nearly 30 books on branding, marketing, innovation, business strategy, trendspotting and other subjects, he’s served as a thought leader, expert witness, and consultant for more than 1,500 of the globe’s biggest and best-known businesses and brands – including providers in virtually every space. In addition, he’s also served as a columnist and industry commentator for more than 800 of the planet’s best-known media outlets, including Rolling Stone, Reader’s Digest, The New York Times, USA Today, and Popular Science.

As a top-rated keynote speaker and futurist, Scott also provides workshops, training, and key note / virtual speaking engagements for numerous conferences, events, and tradeshow clients. Likewise, he additionally is the creator of the renowned POP FUTURE™ training method, which has been utilized to educate and upskill tens of thousands of business executives worldwide. Combined with his work serving as a media and communications trainer for clients such as the Public Relations Society of America and dozens of other leading associations, he knows how to put complex matters in simple terms that audiences of all backgrounds, interests, and experience levels can understand and relate to. In addition, Scott can also help you frame research, insights, and trends in simple, approachable terms that ensure that insights and input connect with listeners, and help audiences more readily make sense of issues and grasp them in context.

As a veteran expert witness, organizations in myriad fields from consumer electronics, banking, telecommunications, software, social networking, online applications, mobile apps, and more routinely look to him for feedback, commentary, and consulting. Moreover, as a trends expert who looks at multiple spaces including, but not limited to, fintech, toys, video games, travel, transportation, retail (online shopping, ecommerce, in-store experience, etc.) and more, he’s often asked to provide trends forecasting and market research services. Looking to engage our lead analyst or get additional information on areas where he can assist you with legal matters of any size and scope, including state, federal, patent, IP dispute, or international concerns?

To find out more about how this leading expert witness can help you enjoy deeper insights into the shape of changing markets or past, present, and future industry trends, don’t hesitate to drop our team a line today.

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