Business experts make no secret that the skills needed to succeed tomorrow will be radically different from those required to get ahead today. But finding ways to grow and build your company isn’t always as challenging as you might suspect. Oftentimes, it’s as easy as taking a new perspective on or approach to driving innovation, or implementing cost-affordable and off-the-shelf technology solutions. So while business experts may speak at length about what it takes to stay relevant, remember: Anyone has the power to transform their prospects overnight, as our newest market research reminds.


Topic: 7 Cost-Affordable Ways to Go Virtual and Online

Scenario: Business leaders and management teams are growingly faced with the need to shift their business online, but often lack insight into good, cost-affordable starting points, and a sense of what areas of the operation can quickly be made digital. Likewise, as business experts often point out, it’s not always apparent where to focus digital transformation efforts.

Insight: Using a variety of template and online pay-as-you-go solutions, it’s possible to transition many aspects of running a business from inventory management and order fulfillment to bookkeeping, sales, and social media management to the digital format at less time and expense. In addition, you can use analytics and automation tools to make business management simpler, and quickly improve returns overnight.


Topic: Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch: How to Make Your Business Stand Out

Scenario: These days, people have less attention to give than ever: It’s crucial for business leaders to perfect their elevator pitch if they want their business to stand out, and it’s not hard to do either.

Insight: Identify your ideal audience, identify their key problem or pain point you’re looking to solve, determine why competing solutions don’t stand out, and cut to the chase about what it is you offer and why your solution will work when others have failed. Consider how you can layer in 1-3 unique selling points that make you impossible to substitute or copy. Look for a simple analogy if needed that can help anyone understand the complex problems you solve at a glance. If you can do all these, even if you don’t consider yourself a business expert, you’ll be in a great position to communicate your value and cut through the clutter.