Like we frequently touch on in keynote speeches and training workshops, innovation is often simpler than it seems. For example, say you’re a real estate firm hoping to compete in one of today’s most competitive and crowded markets – how would you go about standing out and gaining traction?

The answer, if you’re boutique agency Core, is that you double down on super slick video content and social media marketing strategies – using artistic, documentary style films to showcase listings, new developments, and even agents, who are cast as industry rock stars.

With help from a running series of videos called Core Talks where they interview top architects, artists and fashion designers, the company has quickly notched up $5 billion in sales, selling out entire buildings without spending a cent on advertisement, and becoming a go to for hip, high-end buyers along the way.

In contrast, if you’re rival agency Halstead, you play to busy buyers or safety-conscious shoppers who don’t have the time or inclination to make on-site appearances, and provide virtual tours. Only you do it by tossing the typical choppy and grainy 3D online experience and instead use drones to shoot gorgeous hi-res imagery of interiors and exteriors, allowing viewers to fully and properly explore every nook and cranny of any property whenever they want from the comfort of their own living room.

As you can see, there are many ways to compete, not all of which have to involve reinventing the wheel or spending multiple years or millions of dollars to implement. Often, your ability to stay ahead of the curve is just a function of your willingness to reframe challenges from different perspectives, and get more creative about the strategies you offer in turn.

Again, while we’re always happy to pop by and share stories, insights, and motivation in the form of keynote speeches or breakout presentations, don’t forget. We all have the ability to innovate and puzzle our way to success just by exercising a little more ingenuity and forethought. It’s not about having more resources, as we say – it’s about being more resourceful.