How can you adapt to change, disruption, and uncertainty − and the challenges of a post-pandemic world? Which business and technology trends will most define the future of life and work? What does it take to design hit products and experiences going forward − and build solutions that tomorrow’s customer will adore? Having helped over 1500 brands craft dozens of today’s best-known consumer products, we’re proud to bring you new book Think Like a Futurist 2022: The Next Normal™ − an expert guide to strategic planning, change management, and adapting to whatever tomorrow brings. Jam-packed with expert tips, tools, and strategic exercises for adapting to change and disruption, the book can be downloaded now at, with a paperback edition to follow later this summer.

NOTE: Think Like a Futurist 2022: The Next Normal is currently being offered free for a limited time as part of the launch of the POP FUTURE™ training and communications system, which Forbes® magazine says offers faster and more approachable methods for brand strategy, and Meetings Today® notes heralds a big change in meeting and event content formats.

In Think Like a Futurist 2022: The Next Normal, bestselling futurist Scott Steinberg (hailed as The World’s Leading Business Strategist for his game-changing work with hundreds of leading brands) not only explains how anyone can learn to thrive in an age of constant disruption − and plan and prepare for unexpected or “black swan” events − by applying a simple, straightforward model to make better decisions. He also explains how to successfully reimagine the future of work; redesign tomorrow’s organizations to stay competitive in a post-pandemic world; and lead through uncertain times by utilizing the same skills and strategies that market leaders use to spot and capitalize on opportunities before rivals can react. Picking up where its critically-acclaimed predecessor left off, the volume doesn’t just offer a crash course in how to boost creativity and innovation, grow your resilience, and future-proof your business and career. It also reveals how you and your organization can adapt and bounce back from the pandemic and growing economic uncertainty stronger than ever − and stay one step ahead of the curve.

Inside, you’ll find a complete guide to learning how to think like a futurist and applying the POP FUTURE training method, which makes new high-tech innovations, future trends, and business concepts simpler and more intuitive to talk about and teach. In addition, you’ll also gain access to a host of tools, techniques, and activities that can help you better manage change, thrive amid uncertainty, and lead through disruption. Packed full of hints, tips, and strategies for boosting your insight and resilience, Think Like a Futurist 2022: The Next Normal reminds us that a little ingenuity is all it often takes to send your prospects soaring… and see what’s coming around the corner.

The latest release from BLUEPRINT: Your New Roadmap to Success™, BIZDEV™’s publishing arm, select insights from Think Like a Futurist 2022: The Next Normal will also appear in long-running publication INFLUENCER Magazine™, whose latest home online can be found at